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Purchase Order Financing: Taking On Larger Customer Orders

There are many advantages to being the “middleman,” but having an opportunity to resell or distribute a huge new order but not the funds to purchase the goods isn’t one of them. You’re less-than-creditworthy, which isn’t your fault but nonetheless a problem. Even the bank that holds your business accounts[…]

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Multifamily Rentals: Low Risk, High Profit

When you are looking to invest in multifamily rentals, the front end costs may seem a bit steep. However, for the gains you make compared with the small amount of risk you take in the process, this opportunity is likely well worth your while. For starters, what you put into[…]

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Understanding the Basics of Mezzanine Financing

The Great Recession has changed many things, and how business owners get loans is one of the more noticeable ones. Today, you hear terms like bridge loans, merchant cash advances, and other unique ways to finance your business venture. One of these non-traditional methods is mezzanine financing, and you must[…]

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Managing Receivables for Increased Revenue

Having a steady amount of cash flowing into your company is vital for running any business. Unfortunately, accounts receivables can prevent you getting the cash you need quickly even though you had already earned your revenue. By properly managing receivables, you can get the cash you need faster. One way[…]

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Leasing Medical Equipment to Reduce Practice Costs

Running a healthcare business is one of the highest cost specialized industries to become an entrepreneur in. This is not just because of the educational expense involved in moving into this sector of business, but also because of the waiting periods for insurance reimbursement and the cost of payroll and[…]

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How Leaseback Financing Can Help Struggling Businesses

Without enough cash, businesses cannot hire employees, buy merchandize, pay their bills or perform any of their other daily operations. While getting a loan from a bank may be an option to some, not all businesses have good enough credit history to qualify for a loan. Fortunately, if your business[…]

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