Commercial Financing

accounts receivable financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

Breger Global Lending specializes in this unique financing, which is a viable option for businesses that offer their services or wares to customers who pay in at least 30 days.

commercial real estate financing

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Just like you’ve got to find the perfect property for your home, the same is true of your business. Breger Global Lending offers commercial real estate financing for entrepreneurs who need a bit of a financial boost to procure the perfect property for their business.

equipment financing

Equipment Financing

You might have a strong business plan that has a minimal margin for failure, but that’s unlikely to do you very well if you don’t have the proper equipment to make your products or supply customers with your services.

franchise financing

Franchise Financing

In need of a viable option for buying up commercial equipment, property, renovation or even a brand new construction? Breger Global Lending can set you up with franchise financing to give you the boost you need to manifest your business goals; we can even assist you with acquisitions and refinancing.

healthcare financing

Healthcare Financing

For business owners in the medical field, we provide services ranging from working capital and acquisition loans to equipment and healthcare financing.

purchase order financing

Purchase Order Financing

To grow and make money, your business needs products to provide to customers, whether foreign or domestic. Acquiring pre-sold merchandise is one common way to do this and an important part of pre-sold merchandise is purchase order financing.

small business loan

Small Business Loan, SBA

Breger Global Lending seeks to provide your business with fast and efficient small business loan financing. Most businesses can greatly benefit from an SBA loan, so we do our best to provide great service and flexible finance plans along with clear and accurate answers regarding business financing.

stated income commercial real estate

Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

For businesses seeking to buy or refinance property, a stated income commercial real estate loan may be a preferred alternative to a standard business loan. Choosing this kind of loan means qualification is simpler and does not solely rely on credit. At Breger Global Lending, we offer a variety of loans for many different kinds of businesses.

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

For a company that specializes in unsecured business lines of credit, look to Breger Global Lending. We offer great rates for start-ups and established businesses. Our available business credit will get your next project off the ground quicker with proper funding and flexible payment plans. All rates and credit limits are dependent upon a business’s size, profitability and credit profile.

merchant cash advance

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance could be the loan alternative your business needs. This advance against your future credit card sales can be used in a variety of ways and offers a quick infusion of cash for your business. Getting a cash advance from Breger Global Lending is a quick and easy way to fund your next business endeavor.

Working capital

Consumer Finance

Rather than miss out on a potentially big sale or two, you can offer your customers financing to help them procure the services and products they need. Breger Global Lending specializes in consumer finance to business owners who sell their wares or services for less than $10,000.