Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

equipment financing

Does Your Business Have the Quality Equipment It Needs to Succeed?

You might have a strong business plan that has a minimal margin for failure, but that’s unlikely to do you very well if you don’t have the proper equipment to make your products or supply customers with your services. If you feel you might fall into this category, know that Breger Global Lending offers an exemplary equipment financing plan to get you and your business set up for success.

Our Lease Specialties

Because there are so many different industries that need various types of equipment, we’ve done everything we can to offer equipment leasing of all types. Highlights of our equipment finance program include:

  • Little to zero down payment
  • Applications for as much as $150,000 without the need to supply us with a financial statement
  • Approval for large ticket items over $500,000 and middle market financing for as much as $500,000
  • A generous variety of payment structures

Our leasing and financing pros have the experience and industry connections necessary to finance nearly any type of commercial equipment you need. They also do their best to have your application fully approved in as little as 24 hours, but large ticket pieces usually require as many as five days. In terms of repaying your loan, we offer clients as many as 84 months equipment financing.

Expand With Ease

Should you ever require working capital to grow your business, know that you have options other than using your bank lines. Our sale and lease back program gives you the choice to use your equipment’s current equity to supply you with the cash flow you need. The way it works is we buy up your equipment and lease it back to you, and once you’ve made all of your payments, you’ll retain ownership of your property once more.

Don’t settle for poor quality or outdated equipment for your business. Let Breger Global Lending show you the way to go and help you get there.