Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Financing

healthcare financing

Grow Your Practice With Financing and Capital

For business owners in the medical field, we provide services ranging from working capital and acquisition loans to equipment and healthcare financing. Whether working in dentistry, pediatrics, veterinary medicine or as a general practitioner, our services at Breger Global Lending seek to improve and expand the practices of qualified medical professionals.

Growth Financing

Working capital and practice acquisitions are common components in growing a practice. A loan to enhance a medical practice, as with any business, can be used for a variety of purposes without complicated paperwork involving a personal credit bureau. Use a business loan to:

  • Cover growth costs
  • Buy into a new practice
  • Buy out a partner

Leasing and Financing

For expensive medical equipment or equipment that is used infrequently, it can be more cost effective to purchase the equipment with a loan or to lease it temporarily. We offer the ability both to loan or lease a variety of medical equipment with healthcare financing.

Efficient Consolidation

For practices with loans and other business expenses from multiple sources, consolidating such debts not only makes paying them off more efficient but can speed up the process. Breger Global Lending can handle applications and approval for consolidation in as little as 24 hours.

Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you have about working capital and healthcare financing. Our experienced finance professionals will do everything they can to help you grow your practice.