Small Business Loan, SBA

Small Business Loan, SBA

small business loan

Big Loans for Small Businesses

Breger Global Lending seeks to provide your business with fast and efficient small business loan financing. Most businesses can greatly benefit from an SBA loan, so we do our best to provide great service and flexible finance plans along with clear and accurate answers regarding business financing.

Industries We Finance

Many different small businesses qualify for financing through our small business loan program. These businesses include:

  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Restaurants and fast food
  • Hotels and motels
  • Assisted living facilities and hospitals
  • Auto repair shops

Finance Options

Among our financing options you can fund building acquisitions, new equipment and many other endeavors up to $5 million. Each of these options has different benefits and qualifications.

For an existing business acquisition loan, the cash flow and management capabilities of your company will be our primary indicator for qualification. Once qualified, you can expect up to $1.25 million a year for a 15-year term. Loans of this variety are fully amortized without balloon payments.

For your new or leased equipment, we offer financing for many industries. If you need equipment for any of the following businesses, we’re available to qualify and finance you.

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical and diagnostic equipment
  • Dry cleaning and laundry
  • Trucking

Multiple Loan Programs

We offer both 7(a) and 504 business loan programs. Eligibility is typically based on annual sales and employee size. For example, service industry businesses need to have fewer than 100 employees to meet SBA size standards. Depending on use and qualifications, financing from 80 per cent and up is available. Our interest rates and fees are always market competitive and our loans are fully amortized.

Find Out if Your Business Qualifies

Our quick qualification process means you lose no time while trying to budget for your next expansion. Fill out an application online or call to schedule a time to speak with a loan professional.