Multifamily Rentals: Low Risk, High Profit

Multifamily Rentals: Low Risk, High Profit

When you are looking to invest in multifamily rentals, the front end costs may seem a bit steep. However, for the gains you make compared with the small amount of risk you take in the process, this opportunity is likely well worth your while.

For starters, what you put into a multifamily property almost always pay out. These rentals are notoriously good with keeping their value over time – with good curb appeal and proper upkeep, your property will continue to attract renters for years to come. Tenants want to live in a well-kept place, and if they trust you, their landlord, to take care of building needs, you can make a good profit off the work you put in. And when it’s time to sell, a well-kept property will have buyers looking right away.

Additionally, you have more control over the appreciation of your multifamily rentals. Consequently, you can expedite the appreciation process at your convenience. Sprucing up one single-family dwelling may elevate the value of that one house, but fixing up multiple homes in one building hugely advances the value of each of the dwellings therein. You can also make improvements to the property that your tenants like and will pay for over and over again, like vending and laundry services. This creates a nearly effortless cash flow for you, and now the added amenities – once again – will keep the tenants coming.

Along with the high payout of improvements on multifamily rentals, you also get great tax breaks by owning these types of properties. Because the government wants citizens in homes but knows some can’t afford it, they like to offer incentives for investors that do own properties to accommodate several families. The tax breaks depend on a variety of factors with your building – size, occupancy, etc. – so it’s a good idea to hire someone to help you sort this out so you can get the most deductions possible.

Finally, multifamily rentals are great to invest in because, compared with owning single family dwellings, management is much easier to handle. It’s difficult to manage several single family homes with only one individual. Yet with a multifamily property, you will likely want to hire out landscape and upkeep assistance, yes, but you really don’t need any more than one person to manage.

All in all, multifamily properties are a fantastic investment opportunity for buyers looking for a great return with smart but minimum effort. Learn more today about multifamily rental opportunities near you.